Batch Upload Biocode Photos -- Help Page

There are currently three methods available for uploading Biocode photos to the database.

Photos must be jpegs no matter which method you use. If you have tiffs and don't want to convert them, you can make special arrangements for us to convert them.

1) You can use the PhotoManager to upload multiple photos to the Biocode server, then use the PhotoMatcher to match photos with specimens. Photos will be copied to to CalPhotos via a script that runs nightly.
2) You can bulk upload your photos use the bulk upload tool. If that tool does not work for you, you can also send us a a CD or DVD or hard disk of your photos. Please follow these guidelines if you submit photos this way:
  • Photos must all be jpegs.

  • Photos must have your collector specimen number in the first part of the before a plus symbol (+) and any other information about the photo after the plus symbol. If there is not an exact match with the specimen number, we will not be able to load your photo.

  • If you have multiple photos of a specimen, you can annotate photos with any numbers or characters after the plus symbol. Examples:





    or just this, if you only have one photo for a specimen:


  • 3) You can also upload up to ten images (jpegs) per specimen, one specimen at a time, via the web interface here. Photos loaded this way go immediately into CalPhotos.
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