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Scientific Name Selliguea plantaginea   Brack.
Specimen No.Nitta_657
Biocode No.MBIO40051
Institution Mishler Lab
Biocode Event ID 7611
Collector's Event ID 100824-JN9

Collected by Joel Nitta & Vetea Liao & Ravahere Taputuarai   (Aug 24, 2010)
Location Mt. Tohiea, along trail to summit. (Moorea Island, Society Islands, French Polynesia)
Habitat Cloud forest
Identified by J. Nitta   (2010)
Basis of ID Morphology
GUID (Permanent reference for this specimen)

Joel Nitta © 2010 Moorea Biocode 
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Phylum Tracheophyta
Class Polypodiopsida
Order Polypodiales
Family Polypodiaceae
Genus Selliguea
Species plantaginea
Life Stage sporophyte
Individual Count
Collecting Method
Notes   Epiphytic in cloud forest.

Lat  -17.55335   Long  -149.81854   WGS1984
Elevation   989 - 989 m.

Tissue ID:   MBIO40051.1   Plate: Plate_M249   Well Number: G02      

Record submitted 2010-10-28 by Joel Nitta
Batch ID: 2010-10-28_15:02:25
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